Instagram Management Service

What is Instagram Management Services?

Instagram management service relates the growth of your account’s on followers, engagement, brand visibility, customer loyalty. 

Really now it’s the right time to outsource Instagram management service for your account. It will ensure you to run your business effectively which was very difficult before for you.

If you have an Instagram account, that’s well. But you don’t have one, no problem. We create for you with proper settings.

As you are a business owner, you get very little time to spend sharing posts or videos. This is real and normal. Do you know it decreases your audience engagement if posts or videos are not published regularly? That can affect your business online. Get out of this boundary & think alternative that will promote your business safely with brand awareness and sales. Our service will make you happy definitely.

On Instagram almost 800 million monthly active users. Here you get your potential customers who are spending their time. Certainly, you want to reach them, connect them, & convert them into paying and loyal customers. But you are working a full-time job as a business owner.

Here we tell you the good news, from now you can watch your sales, brand awareness, and community growth effectively to run a business.


Tech Impressed offers a worry-free Instagram account management service. We’ll build and develop a community with followers who will convert into loyal customers by purchasing products or services. This grows business organically.

Our Instagram Account Management includes:

  • Marketing Strategy and Goals of Instagram
  • Account Setup
  • Content Curation
  • Copywriting
  • Community Management
  • Monthly Analytics Report
  • Hashtag List

This service is applicable only to you if-

  • You be ready to hire a company for Instagram management & get back your business running.
  • You be ready seriously for growing business with profit.
How we work on Instagram marketing:
  • We will make a free consultation with you where we will find out about Instagram marketing needs & see if we are fit to work together.
  • If you feel we are fit to work with you, we will send questionaries to fill out after getting the payment &  signing the contract. This questionnaire will help us for getting deep insights on your business.
  • After the completion of the questionnaire we will work to develop your Instagram marketing strategy. Before implementing the plan you can get a chance to look over and approve it. Besides, in this time, we will find out a free set of 30 targeted hashtags.
  • After sending us the images, we will prepare the monthly content calendar and we will ask you for final approval. After approval, we will schedule content and manage your account daily.
  • We will send you an analytics report depending on metrics according to business goals at the end of the month.
  • If you want we can make a call monthly for showing the report, if any changes are necessary in the strategies you can also do that.

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